All About Accessorizing a Choker !

When it comes to dressing up, the right pair of jewellery helps you look spectacular and different. These days, one of the most trending and affordable jewellery is a Choker Necklace

Some historians claim chokers date back to the French Revolution

Chokers are more popular for being a feminine and delicate accessory. The most powerful and influential person alive was Queen Victoria. Her accessory of choice? A choker. 

Layered choker necklaces: One of the simplest, most stylish, and popular neck jewellery trends is to layer your choker with other necklaces. You can buy a layered choker necklace, or layer it with other similar necklaces be it for an everyday chic or Styling a Timeless Workwear look.


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Chain Chokers: If you really want to make a bold statement, wear a chunky chain gold choker. Shop Mamour Jewellery here.


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18k gold choker necklaces: If you’re looking for an elegant choker for special events or evening wear, an 18k Rose gold choker or 14k white gold choker fits the bill. This glitzy, gorgeous style is eye-catching and perfectly compliments a sleek, minimal gown or outfit   


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