“What is Art, monsieur, but Nature concentrated?”
- Honoré de Balzac

Mamour’s approach to jewellery is sustainability and respect of man and our environment. 
One finds the most inspiration while being the arms of nature. Creativity discovers a new perspective in the beauty of nature, surrounded by a myriad of shapes, textures and colors. Our creations seek to encompass the unique forms of nature into modern designs with the spirit of a novel expression. 


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Chardonnay Luxe Leaf Earrings 


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Karl Blossfeldt, (born June 13, 1865, Schielo, Germany), German photographer known best for his stark close-up portraits of plants, twigs, seeds, leaves, and other flora.


Chloé Charms Asymmetric Rose Gold Earrings

Devises heroïqves Year: 1557

Chalayan Sterling Silver Earrings

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Allura Droplets Sterling Silver Necklace 


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