WOMEN FOR WOMEN - Five female illustrators that empower women and celebrate womanhood.

Instagram is brimming with beautiful and bold illustrations from female feminists worldwide. These five artists have the same mission - to represent women in all their multidimensional magnificence, yet each have a unique vision of conveying this message. From bold colorful visuals with seemingly simpler yet striking images, they use their creative imagination to portray the truths of life and society. With each piece of art, these women are ready to end women's oppression and challenge perspectives and stereotypes. 

We have complied a few of our favorites to help you find inspiration and celebrate being yourself everyday! 

1. Maggie Stephenson

A US-based artist and illustrator and a sincere art lover, Maggie Stephenson is fascinated by the human form and figures. Her inspiration comes from abstract art, cubism and a rainbow of neutral colors that evokes a sense of feeling are the life of her paint box. 


2. Camila Rosa 

Art-activist, Camila Rosa uses her creativity and artistic vision to create political consciousness and amplify voices of marginalized communities and support and uplift women. With each poster, in her own way she aims to advocate for change in the political and woman world, which she certainly is.


3. Laura Breiling 

The representation of fierce women from a feminist and empowered point of view is the core of the Laura's bold and colorful illustrations. The German-based illustrator presents confident women in all shapes and sizes, and also addresses current social and political conflicts. 


4. Amber Vittoria 

"Dismantling societal tropes set upon women" as her bio says, is the essence of her artworks. Amber's inspiration comes from the female human form, creating a mixture of imaginary and whimsical female figures with a liberating sense of fluidity. Her simple, colorful and powerful style with her unique vision of breaking and subverting the traditional and idealized image of women, surely catches an eye.

5. Sacrée frangine

Childhood friends Célia Amroune and Aline Kpade, a creative duo of artistic directors and illustrators united over a mint tea to form Sacrée frangine. Inspired by feminine themes and simple little details of everyday life, the duo believe that the most beautiful stories can be found in little aspects of daily life. With their soft and lively aesthetic they like to depict diversity and and communicate essential values such as friendship, generosity, love and support. 

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