Chalayan Sterling Silver Earrings

€29 €120

Details :

The Chalayan Sterling Silver Earrings is a minimalist creation handcrafted in 925/1000 sterling silver with dainty and elegant charms. One of them decorated with a suave crescent moon charm and the other one in form of a dreamy star embedded with works of Swarovski diamonds.

Story :

Le Rêve, 1932
"We are here between dreaminess and content, between reverie and beauty.
The first is bathed in light, giving it a whitish hue and lunar airs, like a crescent moon. The second is in the shade, much more suggestive by its phallic form. The woman's mind is thus broken down into different aspects, dream and sex, light and dark, the unconscious, and the instinctive."


Mamour's 'L'amour de Soi' collection of timeless dainty fine jewelry with playful charms is dedicated to celebrating a woman's self-love, the life-long romance. Inspired by Picasso's miraculous artwork - Le Rêve, 1932. An expression of love through the wishes she dares to dream, the choices she boldly makes, and the pleasures she wishes to seek. Mamour's precious jewels adorn her through this journey of self-love and the acknowledgment of her true authentic self. Inspired by the portrayal of Picasso's lover Marie Thérèse coiled in an armchair inciting to dream with her. It is an embodiment of a woman's self-love, acceptance, authenticity, beauty, expression, and inspiration coming from a state of being completely in love with herself and her dares to put them forward.  

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