Sélene Crescent Gold Earrings


Details :

The Sélene Crescent Gold Earrings are handcrafted with 18ct Gold plated silver, modern and chic statement earrings inspired by the crescent shape with sustainable cubic zirconium diamond in the center cast by hand, created for minimalist everyday luxury.

Story :

Mamour's Maharaja collection is a tryst of the flamboyant Maharaja and his jewels, inspired by the era of the golden bird.

Deeply connected to the opulent inspiration of the golden bird,

Links to the past, the present and the future, Luxury connected to its roots.

Each creation is as precious and narrates larger than life allegories,

embodying the nostalgia of the Golden bird,

An era of outworldly characters with rich adorns,

The magnificent universe of the extraordinary and his opulent jewels

Of passions and of rebellions,

the century of sonnets of love carved into architectural wonders.

A modern spirit of splendor and magnificence of that golden age, a distant memory.

Now linked to the present, emerging into the modern.

Into the finest craftsmanship of the precious Modern Heirlooms.


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