Obscura Pavé Gold Earrings

€39 €120

Details :

The Obscura Pavé Gold Earrings is handcrafted with 18ct Gold plating, bold and chic statement earrings inspired by the shadowy and obscura effect, also evident in it's reflection of gold. Decorated with works of swarovski crystals cast by hand.

Size - 157mm

Story :

This collection is a tryst of the "Flamboyant Maharaja and his love for gold". 

Deeply connected to the opulent inspiration of the golden eagle,

Luxury connected to its rich roots.

Each jewel is as precious and narrates a nostalgic story

embodying the nostalgia of the Golden Eagle,

An era of status, power and identity of rich adorns by the maharajas,

Maharanis and their royal empires.

The magnificent universe of extraordinary rich culture and the Maharajas's opulent jewels

16th century India, the century of sonnets of love carved into the wonder of Taj Mahal

A modern spirit of splendor and magnificence of that golden era.

Inspired by art deco, Indian palaces & architecture made of Gold 

And the finest craftsmanship of the precious modern Heirlooms.


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