Mamour, The Chronicles of Modern Heirlooms, is born with the idea of creating ‘Objets d’Art’, timeless and unique luxury pieces for the moving eye because everything in our world is art. “Mamour” is an odyssey, a journey of passion, source, and inspiration winding down to an expression that is unapologetically YOU. An elixir of an audacious and free spirit, as dreamy as daring - the very essence of Mamour.

Mamour’s universe is a unique fairytale where audacity runs wild. Each piece of our collection is made to be perfectly imperfect and corresponds to the allegories of this spirited uniqueness.

Paris based Sharon Kodan founded Mamour Paris - A Luxury Demi - Fine Jewellery brand, Inspired to create “Objets d’Art”, beautiful Heirloom pieces that echo stories of an audacious, unique and free spirit, Mamour designs find the right balance between art, modernity, and a link to the past.

The Dream. The Walk

“I owe my aesthetics & philosophical flourishings to inexhaustible mine of "take to bed" stories. Emphatic I'd curate emotions, placing myself among those fantastical characters. Mamour's collections are an outlet of expression, My Muse is a celebration of all that is infuriating. A loud rebel yell to the complacent and acquiescent, a stance against old traditions into the illuminating new ones. Passion and Rebellion finds a perfect equilibrium to each of my creations. I have instilled my romantic spirit into a fledgling niche Brand - Mamour.

Ensconced, here I am to shine like a phoenix, coaxing life.

A walking dream, I embark on a great sartorial evoke an era of unfettered cool.”

- Sharon Kodan, Founder & Creative director